sugar tooth

Fact One: Nothing is better than eternal happiness

Fact Two: Baking a Cake is better than nothing.

Conclusion: Baking cake is better than eternal happiness.


Back in Colorado, buried deep in a box in my parents’ attic, my carrot cake recipe is stashed and collecting dust. Sadness. Oh how I wish I had had it today. I have been craving a bite of moist and spicy carrot cupcake with perfectly tangy cream cheese frosting. So I made up a little half batch today, but because I don’t have my recipe with me, I borrowed a recipe from Martha — and I’m disappointed to say that while the felon’s cupcakes look a treat, they fall far from being perfectly moist and spicy and delicious.

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

One thing Marf and I do agree on, however, is that these little cherubs cost just pennies to make. And once again I only had to go to the shop to get coconut (100g for 89p), walnuts (100g for £1.29) and cream cheese (200g for 75p). So this is a good one to make if you’re cleaning your cupboards. I made half a recipe but to make the full recipe it costs only about £3 — £1 for the cake mix ingredients; 20p for the carrots; 45p for coconut; 65p for walnuts; 75p for cheese — that’s only 25p per cupcake! (Now don’t you hate those trendy posh cupcakeries charging £2.50 per cake now??)


Cookies. Biscuits. Call them what you will. I love them. All of them. I’m a sucker for the classics but I’m always up for baking up new kinds, because who knows when you’ll discover a new addiction! I’m craving something delicious and dainty to go with a lovely cup of tea. Passion fruit is the seasonal food of the week, so I’ve decided to make up a new cookie.

passion fruit ~ the fruit of the gods

I picked up 4 passion fruits for £2.75 but you can find them cheaper if you buy a bulk pack. A 250g block of butter is about £1, and the rest of the ingredients I had on hand. But for budget’s sake, I figured the cost of the amount of flour used costs 13p; icing sugar is 15p; caster sugar is 15p; 1 egg is 25p; vanilla* is 5p.

Behold, Passion Fruit Angel Cookies. (more…)