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Hippies. That’s what I used to think of when I thought of lentil burgers. They reminded me of living in Eugene, Oregon, which was nice. They reminded me of patchouli oil, which is not. And so, I never used to eat them. But ever since I actually tasted a lentil burger, they only remind me of all that is delicious and healthful about lentils. Lentils are considered one of the five healthiest foods on the planet, with high levels of protein, fiber, iron and folate (natural-occurring folic acid).

mmm... lentil burgers...

Jonny and I first made lentil burgers a couple months ago, after I finally overcame a bizarre intolerance to legumes that I’d internalized during grad school. I was eating vegetarian at the time, and as soon as I knew I wouldn’t blow up if I ate lentils, I wanted to eat them daily. (more…)


It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, which I think is a good thing, because it means time away from the computer — always healthy. I meant to write a post immediately about this amazing Kung Pao chicken recipe by Use Real Butter, not only because it is so delicious, but more importantly to tell you the exciting news that inspired the meal in the first place.

Last Friday morning I was standing in the kitchen watching a pot of water boil when Jonny suddenly came galloping down the stairs. His face was flush, and with the hugest smile ever he told me he’d received an unconditional offer to do his Master’s degree at Middlesex University. We immediately grabbed hands and started jumping around the kitchen and whooping like little kids. This awesome news deserved a celebratory meal! (Doesn’t all good news?) (more…)

Flex! Mussels are the seasonal food of the week and I freakin’ love mussels so that’s what we ate for Friday night dinner. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about people preparing mussels for their friends and, later on, the lot of them battling their digestive demons. So I made sure to take proper care not to poison Jonny or myself. I gave my fresh mussels a good rinse in cold water, removed their beards (ouch!) and tossed any broken or unresponsive creatures out (if the shell is half opened and doesn’t close after a couple minutes in the water or a nice tap on the counter, it’s no good).

How on earth did I create a steaming mussel dish for two for less than a fiver? Well, even though restaurants like to charge a lot for them, you can get them for incredibly reasonable prices. We picked up a bag of fresh bivalves for £2.02 today (on special £2.29/kg, normally £3.49/kg), and with the fresh linguine (£1.19 for 250g), parsley (79p), lemon (15p) and a baguette for some garlic bread (89p) we came in at just pennies over £5. (more…)

It was just my birthday weekend! I had originally planned to spend Sunday baking four kinds of delicious little cupcakes and plaster my blog with tasty photos, but my social life trumped my kitchen activities for once, and I ran out of time. This is not to say, however, that I won’t be baking four kinds of delicious little cupcakes for myself — all in time, my friends. I did eat a lot of cake and enjoyed a lot of lovely meals to celebrate my 30th year over the weekend. But after eating out in London four days in a row, I was so happy to come home on Monday (my actual birthday) to enjoy a simple delicious meal prepared for me.

pan fried cod with mash and cheese sauce

Taking inspiration from his dinner at the Electric in Notting Hill, Jonny pan fried some cod and served it over creamy mash with a rich and smooth cheese sauce. Drool. (more…)

Sunday dinner seems like an appropriate meal to start this blog with. Jonny and I spent the day in the rain in Bath not doing anything we had planned to do, so coming home to Dorchester with a huge piece of trout and a sunny break in the clouds was a lovely turn to the evening. Jonny’s been doing push ups and I’ve been waiting patiently by the fridge ever since…

The things I love about cooking trout: It’s so easy. It’s oh so tasty. It’s good for you (omega 3s and protein, yeah!) And it’s cheap. The 365g filet put us back £3.60. That’s easily enough for three people, but Jonny is buffing up (pushups, etc.) so he had extra. And along side roasted sweet potatoes (2 for 50p) and some broccoli (400g for 64p) we’re comfortably under £5. (I don’t count mustard because the amount you use is probably a fraction of a penny.)

This isn’t really a recipe, so without further ado… (more…)